Have a couple questions? No problem. Below are some common queries that we’ve answered for you.
Still not clear on something? Give us a call any time.

We regularly do work in Johannesburg and make trips for our clients up Africa on a fairly regular basis. We are willing to work internationally. We have shot on tropical islands and flown on executive jets and slept in jungle tents.
Yes we can absolutely help you! We are more than happy to spend some time chatting about your business and coming up with a few suggestions free of charge.
We are happy to work with your designer/ marketing agency / social media agency. We play nice!
Yes we do these too! Give us a call.
We shoot from helicopters, aeroplanes and microlights! Chris is licensed to fly a registered drone. There are still many considerations and legal hurdles to consider. Give us a shout and we can come up with a solution that works for your project.
Sometimes this is possible...if we are not on another job or out of town. Call us and we will do our best!