About Us


We got serious about shooting commercially almost twenty years ago.


Thats a long time. Stories have been created from the beaches of a tropical island and the bottom of dusty copper mines.
We have been fortunate to meet presidents and olympians, dodged heroin dealers in Hillbrow and been mugged between bonsai’s in a Japanese garden.


We do studio work and will happily shoot on location. We pride ourselves on the variety of people that we work with and we have working relationships that have lasted as long as we have been doing what we do.


We regularly work with the property developers, architects and contractors that build the lifestyle estates of the North Coast. We work with businesses throughout KZN and JHB, and while we often shoot the outside of shiny new buildings in Umhlanga, we also shoot their interiors. We shoot business portraits of the good people that work in those buildings; because a business portrait deserves more than a lunch break selfie next to the water-cooler. You are better than that.


Chris is a photographer. But he likes to write and shoot video. He has a small collection of old cameras that look impressive but that were mostly given to him by old people who were cleaning out their garages. In any given work week he can wear dusty steel capped construction boots on one day, and hard leather brogues on the next. He takes pride in being dynamic, professional and approachable. He is proud of the repetoire of skills, services and clients that the company has built over the years. He also feels weird talking about himself in the third person.


Meet our production whizz that makes sure everything happens where and when it should. Emily shoots stills, edits video, directs, quotes, invoices, shotlists, models, liaises, books, confirms and laughs while she does it. Emily survives on smiles, caffeine and the drive to tick off items on her “to do list”. She is the secret weapon in the company arsenal that keeps the image technicians pointed in the right direction.

Clients we have had the opportunity to work with

We can build a team for almost any job and so can offer photography, video, design, copyrighting and more. What’s more, we smile, pitch up on time and will buy you coffee. Or tea. And a tequila when the job is done.